Mango Oil

Mango oil also known as Mango butter or Mango kernel fat or sometimes called as Mango seed oil is primarily obtained from the stone of Mango fruit (Mangifera indica). Mango oil contains minerals, fatty acids and vitamins. This soft yellow colored oil is usually semi-solid (at room temperatures) but dissolves when touched or applied. Mango oil is widely used in the making of sunscreen and sun care products, baby creams, hair products, and in many other moisturizing products.

Some of the most important benefits, uses and properties of mango oil that include remedy for dandruff, helps lower the cholesterol, helps to reduce the level of blood sugar, remedy for acne, helps to manage the weight and so on.

Wet Process

Milk is extracted from fresh, mature coconut. Oil is separated from the liquid portion by natural fermentation or by centrifuge machine.

Dry Process

Meat is dried and desiccated. Oil is extracted from the dried meat by expeller process

Standard Weight

Shipped in 200 kilogram/55 gallon steel drums that are food grade, closed head with two bung openings, containing 190 liters of oil, and each drum having a 208 kg net weight, 223 kg gross weight

Minimum Order Quantity

One 20 Foot Container

Quantity Per Container

80 Drums

Shipping Terms

  • Ex Works
  • Ocean Freight

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